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Online-Meditation-Workshop with Sudhir Tiwari

Fr, 30.09. - Sun, 02.10.2022

Explore the essence of meditation in this Online-Workshop. Study Meditation with Sri Sudhir Tiwari, a true master of his kind.  


 Meditation Workshop Pureyoga

We are happy that Sudhir offers this new meditation workshop again, also for his European students, for the first time in Europe, right after he held it for his Chinese students. This way you can enjoy the workshop without the disturbing translation from/to Chinese and focus on the main topic – Meditation!

The Workshop will be held in English, without translation.

What can you expect?


Topics of workshop

1.   Does Meditation mean do nothing?
2.   What’s the purpose of meditation?
3.   What is the benefit of meditation?
4. The obstructing factors in Meditation.
5. The factors that facilitate meditation.
6. Real Meditation versus Popular Meditation.
7. The common misunderstanding about meditation.


Lesson plan

Theory   –  45 Minutes
Break     –  10 Minutes
Q&A       –  20 Minutes
Chanting, Preparatory Breathing Techniques, Meditation (breaks in-between)  –  75 Minutes




This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in meditation. It does not matter if you already have meditation practice. Everyone from beginners to advanced meditation practitioners is welcome. If you have any questions, please contact us.

This workshop is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as „Continuing Education“ (7,5 h)



Date and Time:

30.09.2022   19:00 – 21:30
01.10.2022   19:00 – 21:30
02.10.2022   19:00 – 21:30

+14 days: We record all sessions. The recordings will be available for you 14 days after the workshop. You will get a link to the recordings after the workshop. Please note that it´s not possible to hold the recordings longer than 14 days after the last day of the workshop.


Application and Costs:

For the complete Online-Workshop.


Please register per Email to info@pureyoga.at with data as following for all participants that like to register and we will send you all the necessary details per Email.

  • first- and last name (of each participant)
  • Email Adresse (of each participant)
  • Telephone Number (of each participant)

Please note: Your spot will be confirmed with your payment only. Thanks for your understanding.

For further questions please send an email to info@pureyoga.at  or call us on +43 699 815 99 283.

Please note: The number of participants is limited due to the available zoom spots. The spots are given „First come, first serve“.

Minimum participants: 8 persons. Should the workshop not be held, you´ll get your money transfered back.



Event Organiser

Rinnerberger OG
+43 699 815 99 283


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With your applciation the canceling policy is accepted.

About Sri Sudhir Tiwari

Sri Sudhir Tiwari is the eldest son of our beloved and highly respected teacher Sri O.P. Tiwari. Sudhir was brought up at Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, in Lonavala, India, amidst rich traditional yogic heritage of Swami Madhavdasji Maharaj, Swami Kuvalyanandaji and Swami Digambarji. Swami Digambarji initiated Sudhir in 1981 and accepted him as a disciple. Sudhir received his primary and advanced Yogic and Ayurvedic training from Swami Digambarji which included the study of traditional texts, mantra yoga, fire ceremony, pranayama and various aspects of adhyatm (spiritual) yoga.
Sudhir also learnt pranayama and Hathapradipika from his father. When you meet Sudhir, you will know he has lived and breathed yoga his whole life. He is such a humble, yet energetic and enthusiastic teacher with a mastery and knowledge of yoga you won´t be able to find very often. In his workshops you cannot only explore the tradition but also the scientific reasoning behind why we do the yogic practices. We will also be looking into ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, and why they are synergistic.
Sudhir held workshops at Pureyoga once a year since 2013. Instantly he could gain a crowd of fans. Now we are very happy to welcome him again in 2021 for a workshop at Pureyoga.

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